What notable changes did they make from the comics when adapting them for the show?


What notable changes did they make from the comics when adapting them for the show?

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  1. Kara becomes Supergirl pretty much straight away in the comics rather than waiting a decade.

    Kara is not a journalist, she was a TV news reporter for a bit in the Daring New Adventures but this was out of character and not picked up since. She’s much more interested in science. See in ‘Midvale’ she finds the maths simple.

    Martian Manhunter doesn’t really interact with Kara.

    She’s not usually called Kara Danvers, she might be now but not before the TV show. Her Alias include Linda Lee, Linda Lee Danvers, Linda Danvers, Claire Connors and Linda Lang.

    Dick Malverne is Kara’s love interest in the 60s Orphanage stories, they made him a classmate into her sister who goes to prison.

    Kara in the Silver Age stories is all for polygamy. She has a boy in every port and time zone.

    Other than that, there are bits from various versions that can’t be used, like she can’t live on Themyscira and train to be Supergirl there like she did after the Crisis. She can’t have a friendship with Barbara Gordon. Batman can’t buy her the apartment, things like that. She can’t have an amazing crush on dreamboat Dick Grayson. Little things like that I miss from Post Crisis where she seemed to be trained in all the best bits of the Trinity.

  2. If i remember well she is way more interested in science than she is in the show and at some point she even develops a certain nanotechnology that bruce wants.
    Here she is more like the copypast of Clark which is a bit of a pity because it’d be way more interesting , imo, to see scientist Kara than SM2.0 journalist female version.

  3. They gave Kara a family that raised her properly on Earth so that she wouldn’t be such a lost fish out of the water, the Danvers. The family of Jeremiah, Eliza and Alex are OCs. Now they are also canon characters in the comics ever since 2016’s Rebirth.

    They changed Jimmy Olsen’s ethnicity. And they aged Cat Grant a bit. Also the character of Winn is OC given that his name “Winn” is just how we call him. His real name is Winslow Schott Jr. so many thought he was doomed to become evil but it turned out that it was his dad the one that is *the* Toyman.

    I am sure that Kara’s mother is Alura, but her *twin sister Astra*…not so sure. I think she’s also an OC.

    I’m not sure if Lillian Luthor is canon from the comics, I’ve never been sure about Lex’s parents name. Lena in most cases was Lex’s daughter but there are some iterations where she is his sister like here.

    Mon-El’s journey here is quite different compared to the comics too but the destination, joining the Legion of Superheroes, remains the same.

    And J’onn J’onzz being in charge of the DEO is also another change as well by going around by Hank Henshaw, when the real Henshaw was the leader and bad guy. They also changed Henshaw’s skin color like with Jimmy.

    The character of queen Rhea is also I believe an OC since there is only one Rhea in the comics and she has nothing to do with Daxam and Mon-El’s parent being Lar Gand is a spin on Mon-El’s real name from the comics being given to him. (In the comics his name is that one but given that he landed on a Monday and Superman took him under his wing and recognized him as an equal in the Fortress he gave him the name of Mon-El)

    Reign as well is different design-wise, but the rest so far seems to be accurate. She is a Worldkiller and there are indeed others like her that soon will show up in the show.

    And I think that is pretty much it.

  4. Maggie Sawyer didn’t come out gay until way later in life, she was married and had a kid named Jamie Sawyer in comics. I think they’ve leveraged Renee Montoya’s life / family history instead.

  5. – Supergirl being like 10 instead of 16 when krypton blew up

    – Blue heat vision instead of red yet inexplicably giving Reign proper red vision

    – Parasite originating as a Supergirl villain instead of Superman

    – Livewire being a supergirl villain instead of superman

    – Silver banshee being a supergirl villain instead of superman

    – Metallo being a sueprgirl villain instead of superman

    – The black mercy plant thing being used on supergirl instead of superman

    – MM being tremendously weaker than kryptonians

    – Daxamites being severely less powered than kryptonians

    – Just about everything about “James” Olsen

    – Mxyzpltlk being in love with Kara

    – Kryptonians can’t survive in space

    – Olsen is Guardian

    – “Cyborg Superman” is completely different
    – M’Gan is a love interest for J’on not a niece

  6. Mon-El influencing and bringing together the LoSH

    Metallo being a Supergirl enemy and never interacting with Superman.

    Cyborg Superman being a Supergirl enemy and being more Super Man then Superman.

  7. Kara never hid her powers as long as she does in the show. She’s never had a sibling. The Danvers were named Fred and Edna, not Jeremiah and Eliza and had no involvement with the DEO. Kara is much younger in a lot of her comics than she is in the show. Kara was never sent to Earth specifically to look after her cousin, and left older than she did in the show. National City was invented by the show.


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