What’s with all the Wayward Sisters hate?


We all want this show to be great, I’m sure that the SPN team’s got a lock on what they want to do. Where to go with the story, the characters; will it matter if Sam & Dean are there at all – to me, not really – but I’m sure we’ll get at least one or two episodes more in the first season which they will be prominent. It would only be right.

I bet, all those who’re being little cunts about it sucking or whatever, either secretly hate it, don’t watch it or because it’s full of scary apparently strong women, they’re somewhat put off by that and it hurts their little hearts.

Downvotes will only strengthen this opinion!

Edit: Point Made!

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  1. tbh, this is one of the reasons I’m pretty much absent on all subreddits from various fandoms. Somehow there’s always so much hate from people who claim to be fans. Not just ‘I didn’t like it’, but ‘I hate it, it sucks and the writers are crap and everything must die’

    Part of it I think it’s the expecations people build up. They love the show so much, and everything is so amazing and will be wonderful and perfect, and then when it comes to the actual episode it will (of course) be a letdown. Because it won’t be like they envisioned it or not fitting with their personal ideas about the show/movie.

    In this case, it’s a spin-off, so it will feel kind of like a knock-off. It’s the same, but different, and therefore not as good. People might get into it after all when they see more of it, or perhaps they are too stuck in their ways to change.

    I’m relatively new to Supernatural, and there’s a lot of blind adoration going on, it honestly gets a bit annoying at times. When Dean is being a dick, it’s often being excused as; ‘he went through so much’ ‘he’s really just grieving for his mum’ etc etc. When Claire is being a bitch she’s being an annoying teenager and should stfu.

    I too get annoyed at Claire’s attitude, especially as I never was that kind of rebellious teen, but damnit, she went through more shit than Sam and Dean, and had no family left to support her. From all the characters in Wayward sisters, I think Claire is the most interesting and I’m curious to see where they will take it.

  2. I would think that any “Claire hater” should actually be rooting for Wayward Sisters to be picked up. If it goes forward, no one is forcing anyone to watch and she’d be on the other show and not showing up on Supernatural. A win win 🙂

    I’m okay with Claire, and if the show does go through she’d have a chance at more nuanced characterization. Besides, I like her better than Krissy 🙂

  3. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t terrible either. It’s one of those shows ill give about 5 or so episodes to win me over cause of the SPN affiliation. Bloodlines was a hot mess from the start. At least this show features characters we’ve been familiar with for some time, love them or hate them.

  4. I’m late to the party. I didn’t hate the episode 1 but, I thought it was great and enjoyed it. I enjoy female leads and female heroes. My complaint was we saw Sam and Dean get stuck in the bad place and the next they are shown for a while 10 minutes then they are gone from the bad place. I figured they would have to fight their way through it like purgatory and find a way out. Not be stuck there for 10 minutes in one episode. Also the whole Kaia becoming the woman in black and the antagonist really wasn’t needed. Either kill off her character or don’t kill her at all. Also why does Ketch get to live but someone like Kaia doesn’t beyond 2 episodes and coming back as a villain?

    Basically I liked the episode I didn’t like that Sam and Dean were stuck there for like one day and then rescued before the year could even close completely. Killing off Kaia to bring her back as a villain was unnecessary.

  5. everyone i know whose seen it in real life really liked the episode
    and it boosted the ratings for supernatural.

    and claire is apparently a really popular character with a lot more fans than haters and i love her

  6. I wasn’t really a big fan of Claire. IDK after seeing teen angst done so so much better, it’s difficult for me to get into it.

    However, if it does get picked up, I’ll likely stick to it. Although Claire has been featured on the show numerous times (and, to be honest, those times were a little forgettable save for icon Castiel’s line: ‘I got it at the Hot Topical), there’s bound to be some shakiness from the get-go.

    Claire has the “young adult that is snarky and edgy, but marketed toward the audience with corporate induced likability” thing going on. I can see her hitting a stride later on and growing into the role, so maybe she’ll surprise us if it does get picked up.

  7. > I bet, all those who’re being little cunts about it sucking or whatever, either secretly hate it, don’t watch it or because it’s full of scary apparently strong women, they’re somewhat put off by that and it hurts their little hearts.

    No. Don’t pull that presumptive-preemptive-victimization-by-patriarchal-strawmen bullshit here. Don’t pretend like the only possible way to dislike WS is if you’re part of a secret cabal of MRAs hating the show because of all the ovaries in the cast.

    That’s Tumblrina bullshit, and a huge reason why nobody takes the Supernatural fandom seriously. Go to r/fandomnatural if you want to play those games.

    Be an adult and accept that a lot of people don’t like it simply because they don’t think it’s that good.

  8. Huh? Or perhaps some people simply didn’t like it and have about as much right as you to voice their opinion?

  9. I don’t like it because it’s trying to play that ‘girl power!!!’ card. And I’m not sexist, I swear.

    It’s just that if one gender gets more attention than another, I just find that cringy. Supernatural isn’t all ‘male power’. It’s the same with Supergirl. I don’t mind a whole TV show centered around women but it’s just that at some point, they will change plots, lore or they need a certain thing that only women can do and that just fucks up the continuity.

    I mean look at Supergirls latest episode, she needs to go to a place which orbits around a certain sun, that sun is extremely dangerous to anyone with a Y chromosome, so only females can go there.

    It’s just cancerous writing for the sake of promoting females. And I’m 100% that Wayward Sisters is going to do this at some point too. Maybe after the first season even. I don’t know if they exist, but so far I’ve seen no TV shows which intentionally promote males and so stuff like that but with males.

    Supernatural happens to have all male lead actors (except maybe momchester for a while). Is that why they suddenly try to make a series all centered around women?

    I mean I’ll probably still watch it but I’ll still cringe a lot.

    And don’t get me started on Claire, the acting of the actors or that the writers are the same from Supernatural.

  10. I give it a shaky 6/10. The writing for Claire is terrible come on (especially those voiceovers).
    You probably liked it and that’s good for you. Just because other people didn’t care for the show doesn’t mean it’s hate. Subjective opinions… We all have them.
    And if it gets picked up I’ll still force myself to watch in hopes that it gets any better (please for the love of god or don’t bother picking it up) and for SPN Easter eggs.

  11. I don’t see a point in making it, really. And I don’t say this because it will centrally feature women, I’d think the same if it were about a bunch of guys who hunt monsters. Now I’m not claiming that they have an agenda, but it’s possible that they might, also, I think they’re just producing the show to make money, not because they have a decent story to tell.

  12. If the spinoff is 100% just hunting, then I am willing to give it a go.

    The biggest problem I have with it, is I don’t like any of the characters, except Claire who really turned it around. Jodi is complete shit, Donna is even worse. The others I honestly don’t even remember.

    Not to mention they decide to do this spinoff during a high point of this feminist crap. Just look at how the new ghostbusters did. It’s garbage. Had at least a couple of good actors, but was garbage still.

  13. Haters can get wrecked, Wayward Sisters is gold. Just because you like one doesn’t mean you like the other any less.

    Except Claire. Nobody likes Claire.


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