Why did Terry really want to talk? [spoilers]


In S2E7, Eleven concludes Terry wanted to talk because she wanted to show her Kali. She believes Terry wants El to find her.

Do you think this is true? Or do you think she has another reason for wanting to talk?

If she did want El to find Kali, why? Was it really because they “belong together”? What do you think?

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  1. I always thought that Terry wanted to show Jane that she never forgot her and fought in order for Jane to have a normal life and that is why she could not be there for her when she needed her mom.

  2. There’s a few ways they could spin it, she wanted Eleven to find Kali so:

    * That they could be sisters together and live peacefully
    * They could get revenge on Brenner and the lab staff
    * Eleven could stop Kali from going past the point of no return and getting herself killed or bringing too much attention to Eleven.
    * They could find each other to face some foe that only Terry is aware of.

  3. I thought this flashback/memory loop and El’s interpretation to find Kali (and the episode spent with her) were a huge plant for a future season. The “wasted” episode with the gang served to teach El that she needed to go home, and that her “sister” didn’t equal home.

    The Kali teaching was actually the worst part of the season for me. If what El really learned is that she needed to go back to her friends, Hopper, and the ones whom she loved and who loved her, why is it Kali’s teaching to focus the hatred what El taps into to successfully close the gate? Though I know it is cliche, El should have rejected Kali’s training just like she rejected her killing of people: she should have used and channeled her love for Mike, Hopper, etc. to close the gate.

    * Disclaimer: my wife and I just finished our first watch of Stranger Things tonight, so of course I had to come here to see what people are talking about and see what people are thinking. *

  4. Terry flickered the lights, changed the tv channel to static. Electro shock stuck in a dream circle. I hope there is a way to fix her. At least Kali being a victim of Hawkins Lab and Brenner can help her find the other numbered test subjects. Maybe Terry is number 1.


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