Why does the Demagorgon take Barb and Will into the upside down? And how does it happen?


When it took Will it turned him into a reproductive host or something like that, but it simply killed Barb and went on it’s merry way.
But what was so special about Will?
If it’s only objective was to kill Barb, why not just do it at the pool and leave?

How does it take them to the upside down? Is it’s mouth like a gate that sucks them into another universe or something weird like that?

Also bonus question: why does a small cut from Barb attract the Demagorgon, but whenever Eleven bleeds from her nose for what’s seemingly every other hour, it never comes after her?

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  1. From what I understood, it didn’t take Will initially, Will seemed to cross into the upside down in the shed. Whether that means he intentionally jumped through a gate or it somehow just happened is unclear, but Will initially escaped the demogorgon and hid. He stayed close to home though, and it appears the demogorgon may have kept Joyce alive as kind of bait to lure out Will, because it could have killed it at almost any time.

    Barb was being used as an incubator. Eleven sees a slug crawl out of her mouth. It seems that’s how new demobabies come about.

    As for the blood, it depends where you are. Steve’s house, Will’s house and the lab are all within about a mile, according to Jonathon. So a lot of the bleeding we see was probably too far away for the demogorgon to smell. The demogorgon seemed to stay around the same area, and while his lair seemed to be in the library, he seemed to hunt around Merkwood.

    That’s how I see it anyway.

  2. It uses barb for the same purpose it was using will for. However, a combination of tv suspense and possibly the demogorgon toying with its host supply could be what’s causing your confusion?

    There’s a shot later on in the show with barb and a slug coming out of her mouth, I just can’t remember if this was witnessed by eleven to Joyce and hopper.

    It’s mostly plot convenience and maybe even daytime for the reason it doesn’t pursue her. There’s also Jonathan and Steve’s bloody fight that doesn’t draw the monster either.

  3. I’ve written a post about this too

    I concluded that the difference in treatment between Will and Barb is:

    – Barb was bleeding when she was caught. That might have marked her as food first rather than a live incubator. Barb was split open wide and chewed on in various places while Will was left completely unscratched and unharmed except for a tube shoved deep down his body
    – OR it did treat Barb and Will the same, but something burst out of Barb causing it to look like she was split open. The same would have eventually happened to Will if they took too long

  4. Only a little is known about the monster, technically nothing beyond its appearance and some of its abilities. Everything else is unknown, and to be revealed by the series go on.


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