Will they ever make a Daredevil video game?


I know in the early 2000’s there was almost one but then it got cancelled. Will they ever try again?

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  1. I’m imagining it like Mirror’s Edge, except it’s just a black screen and you can’t see anything.

  2. Oh God, I hope so.

    Just imagine an open world game similar to Rocksteady’s *Batman: Arkham* series, with a similar fighting mechanic (but with Daredevil’s various weapons and ricochet abilities), a “World on Fire” focus mode where you could hunt down enemies using Daredevil’s sonar (like in *Last of Us*), and the current Netflix cast voicing.

    Storywise, I think they should avoid Daredevil’s origins and instead start off with *Born Again*, which has a whole bunch of crazy comic shit that’d look great in a game, but still a good story (although I’d cut the whole “Karen is a smack-addicted whore” part, because Frank Miller’s problems with women don’t really need to be included).

  3. Probably not. Comics based games don’t really perform that we’ll, unless it’s someone like Spider-Man the built in audience doesn’t really offset the extra licensing cost in the development process.


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