Wouldn’t Wally be really over powered


A lot of the time the legends go up against human threats like barbarians or Julius ceaser and like in arrow when Barry just fucks everyone up wouldn’t that happen with Wally. Like the fight scene in Camelot a while back or bar fights,the prison break,small fight in the Hollywood gala or the Argus drones. Wally could just end that in 1 second. They constricted firestorms power by separating Jax and stein every single time something happens what about Wally.

If you remember in the invasion crossover with the dominators during the human fight scene with the agents Barry takes some people out and then leaves cause of a sniper so other people can fight. Would be disappointed if they did this stuff all the time

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  1. Yeah, its going to either end up being the Wally West show, or they keep finding ways to knock him out or dampen his powers or whatever. I was upset that they hardly ever had firestorm transmute anything, when in the comics and cartoons he’s in he does it all the time.

  2. I’m sure he’ll be tonned down for most of the time but you gotta remember that the villains all deal with magic under Mallus.

  3. Wally isn’t as smart as Barry and comes off very cocky so that could be his downfall. Not to mention Darhk just telekineticly picking him up so he can’t run

  4. Yes he will. As much as I like Wally, I don’t want him on Legends because it’s a show about underdogs saving ( more like failing most of the times) the world.

  5. Dude Wally has to stay behind and figure out a way to fix the waverider every episode. He’s not familiar with it so it’ll take just enough time for him to speed over and save the team.

  6. Nah, I think there’s a couple of things they could do here.

    a) Increase the threat of the villains. Have the Legends fight superpowered villains more often who could take Wally out if he just ran around using his powers recklessly, and because they’re the biggest threat it makes sense for him to be focused on fighting them while other Legends deal with random humans

    b) Wally has to be subtle in how he uses his powers or he’ll draw the attention of Reverse Flash who would come back to that point and kill him, so he can still use super speed but not too overtly

    c) Just have Wally be OP and use his powers to solve situations sometimes. The Legends don’t need to fight a dozen random guys every episode. It’s not a bad thing for Wally to solve that problem and take out a bunch of random humans when the fight scene with them wouldn’t actually advance the plot

    d) Write plots that can’t be resolved with super speed. Or if there is an initial situation that can be resolved with super speed (e.g. getting Beebo out of the hands of the Vikings) then have Wally resolve that situation, but have the plot go beyond that to something that can’t just be resolved with super speed

    e) Split the teams. While Wally is dealing with one situation (e.g. stopping a missile that’s headed towards the White House) the other Legends could be dealing with human threats

    f) Have Wally’s superpowers be balanced out by other flaws. Maybe he’s shitty at going undercover or doesn’t listen to orders and because of that he makes things worse sometimes. Maybe using his powers over confidently backfires on him and he learns restraint, and maybe because of that he also learns that the Legends don’t need him to do everything for them and they can handle themselves in their own way

    There’s plenty of ways to handle Wally’s powers, many of which aren’t mutually exclusive either.

  7. So far this season, having super speed wouldn’t solve the problem.

    They’ve had to learn info by talking to people. Can’t use Super speed for that.

    They’ve had to convince people to change their minds. Limited use. Might work on the Norse.

    Grodd has proven more then a match for a speedster.

    Also the show has gotten pretty good at finding creative ways to either nerf or distract the more powerful characters. If Wally took over Jax’s duties, he’d be busy fixing the ship.

  8. They might find a way to make it so he can’t just use his speed all the time. Maybe Damien dahrk has some kind of magic and can stop a speedster


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